MaxMax was a great young boy, full of life, his smile would light up any room he walked into and his enthusiasm for basketball and for life would inspire all those he came in contact with.

Max first started coming to the Bulldogs Saturday development program when he was five years old and the only time he would miss a session was if his beloved Arsenal ( well lets be honest nobody is perfect !!!) were playing at home or when he went on holiday during August to Florida with his Mum Shira, Dad Dave and his adoring sister Molly. Over the 5 years he attended our program Max’s skills and enthusiasm clearly demonstrated his passion for the sport . As his skills developed so did his desire to wear the Bulldogs shirt in a competitive game.

Each week, watched by his Dad, Max would give his all and every so often he would cast a look over to his Dad when he completed a difficult skill or move, his face breaking into his infectious smile when Dad Dave gave him the “Thumbs Up” for a task or job well done.

At the end of each Saturday session it was Max who closed it as all the players gathered in a ring in the middle of the court clasping each other’s hands it was Max’s booming voice that shouted out “Hard work on three Bulldogs on six” with over fifty other players chanting out Max’s words, it became the only way for the club to finish the sessions on a Saturday.

Max like his Dad, were born to play basketball, there was a special bond between them that went past a normal father and son relationship but tragically without warning that bond was broken on January 8th 2015 when Max was taken from us all by a not very much known heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

The effect on his family and on all of us in the club was devastating, something that none of us, specially his parents will ever recover from.

In recognition of Max and his memory the club has retired the number 10 shirt, this was Max’s age when he passed, it was also his favourite number. The club has also incorporated MAX10 into its logo.

His parents have set up a Foundation in Max’s memory. The Foundation is a Charity for Raising awareness and funding research of undetected heart conditions in pre-adolescent children- Max’s Foundation.
The website is

The Bulldogs mission is to ensure none of us forget Max, that his name, his memory and his smile will live on and never be forgotten.