Patron’s Message From Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’NealThis is Shaquille O’Neal welcoming you to the Bulldogs Basketball Club and Young Leaders Sports Academy. For a number of years I was very fortunate to play basketball at the highest level and during this time I become more and
more aware that taking part in sport, and in particular basketball, was a great way of developing essential leadership and life skills. This is because basketball is built around a team environment, it also provides many young people with the confidence and determination to achieve their full potential.

Many of the social problems faced by young British kids who live in areas of recognised deprivation and who are at risk of exclusion from main stream education are similar to the problems I faced in the US during my early years. The full potential of many young kids, who come from a range of different cultures and social backgrounds environment in which they live. Sadly for me many of the young people I knew were unable to escape from a street culture that revolved around gang crime and drugs, this was because there were no positive youth activities available for young people. So when my close friend and Mentor Coach Dale Brown told me all about the good job
Ted and his family were doing for young people in north London I felt certain this was something that could really make a positive difference to a young person’s life and I was more than happy to give them my full support

During your time at the Bulldogs you will have the opportunity of experiencing a whole range of activities, designed to not only improve your playing ability and technical knowledge of basketball but also designed to
help improve your levels of concentration but also increase your selfconfidence. Being part of this project will also help develop your potential athletically, academically and socially. Enjoy your time at the Bulldogs
Basketball Club and Young Leaders Sports Academy, work hard because its your first step towards a positive future.