Mission Statement

“The Bulldogs are committed to creating a healthy and positive sporting environment where young people, from all social and cultural backgrounds can gain the confidence to develop their athletic, academic and social potential. We aim to create an environment where they are judged on their love of basketball and not on their status within society”.

Message from our Patron, Shaquille O’Neal

During your time at the Bulldogs you will have the opportunity of experiencing a whole range of activities, designed to not only improve your playing ability and technical knowledge of basketball but also designed to help improve your levels of concentration but also increase your selfconfidence. Being part of this project will also help develop your potential athletically, academically and socially. Enjoy your time at the Bulldogs Basketball Club and Young Leaders Sports Academy, work hard because its your first step towards a positive future.

Shaquille O’Neal

Honorary Life President Dale Brown

Honorary Life President Dale Brown Former Head Coach of Louisiana State University retired in 1997 and is now considered to be one of America’s finest motivational speakers, he also is a popular TV analyst for NBA and NCAA games and has written several book. In 2005 the Dale Brown Foundation assisted thousands of residents of Louisiana when their homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. He has just finished filming a TV series for ESPN with Shaquille O’Neal called “ Shaq and Dale”

Dale Brown