About Us

“Each player who joins the Bulldogs Program is first and foremost a Student”

The club have always been, and always will be, focused on helping young people achieve their potential. The club works in partnership with players, parents and often schools in helping them achieve their potential, not just as athletes but as students and as future leaders within their community. The club is built on a solid foundation of trust, respect and discipline, therefore players know that if they display any bad attitude in training, in matches or even at home then they are not allowed to represent the club. Players also know that if they do not focus fully on their academic progress then they will also be benched.

The Bulldogs priority regarding basketball, is to focus on each of its students mastering the Fundamental Skills of Basketball. The earlier we start this process the better students they become, specially as they progress through their teenage years.

To achieve this we combine a repetition , repetition, repetition formula into our intense skills training and court workouts.

By mastering these skills at a early stage, it enables students to fulfil their potential much earlier, it also helps them to become more confident and self disciplined.

This format also encourage them to focus on developing essential life and social skills, that not only it will help them to achieve their educational and professional goals, but more importantly will prepare them for life after basketball.

At the Bulldogs we have a first class skills development program that has been designed by one of the most experienced NCAA coaches in America, this not only helps our students to master these basic skills but more importantly helps them to understand and improve the technical and physical side of the game.

The club firmly supports a commitment to education and uses basketball to encourage our students to follow a learning pathway.

The game of basketball is 80% mental , at the Bulldogs we not only have a great skills development program ,to train our players in the technical and physical side of the game, we also have a great program to train their minds, to help them unlock their abilities as and when they need them.

We strongly support the theory that the difference maker between Good and Great is your Mindset.

It is also our aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment , in which each student will flourish, they will be taught to understand the importance of individual responsibility,the benefits of personal integrity, self respect and respect for others and the importance of education as they progress along the path to become a life-long learner.

We at the Bulldogs are firm believers that sport and in particular Basketball, promotes character traits in each player of high value to personal development and success in later life.

Our players learn how to become leaders, by practicing Teamwork and individual perseverance to accomplish their personal and team goals in and off the court.

We firmly believe that Basketball is the vehicle that will help our players to shape the rest of their lives.

All our coaches are fully qualified and DBS checked .